Welcome to Arringo Around the World, a series of interviews where we introduce our global team members to learn more about them, their job roles and why they choose to work with Arringo.  
Our first team member is Fatih Odaci, a C++ Developer based out of Istanbul, Türkiye, who has been a member of Team Arringo since November 2022. Keep reading to learn more about what a day in the life of a remote C++ developer looks like, what motivates Fatih in this field and how he maintains a work-life balance: 

Tell us a bit about yourself! How did your Arringo journey start?

I’m Fatih, I live in Istanbul and currently work as a C++ developer. I enjoy exploring new technologies, problem solving and analytical thinking. In my spare time I like reading books, meeting up with my friends and travelling to new cities.  
When I first heard about Arringo, I didn’t know much about the company. A friend of mine was working in Malta and he mentioned great things about the company. What really caught my attention was hearing how Arringo works with new and emerging technologies under the talented multicultural Devs Team. This is what really drew me to look for a job opportunity at Arringo.

Is this your first time working remotely? If yes, what made you take the plunge?

Yes, this has been my first experience working remotely. Today, innovation and technology make it easy to access technological tools that facilitate remote working without restriction. I decided to work remotely because I enjoy working with people from different cultures and have always been intrigued by the idea of working from anywhere in the world. It’s a privileged opportunity and allows me great personal time management.

How was your onboarding experience?

It exceeded my expectations! The warm welcome from all my new colleagues and the well-planned and prepared onboarding process allows newcomers to have a smooth and enjoyable introduction to the company. Within the first month of work, I already felt as if I had been here for some years.

For those of us less tech savvy, can you explain what a C++ Developer does?

Under the Devs Team at Arringo, we are responsible for creating stable, effective and reliable software. In addition, finding and solving any problems following the implementation of new technologies and documenting software components, are among our duties as C++ software developers.


What inspired you to become a C++ developer?

The field of new technologies and software development has always been interesting to me. The first technology I learned in software development was C++ development and I always felt inspired by the innovation in this field. Behind many advanced software applications we use today, is well-designed and developed C++ software. I am happy to be a part of creating beautiful products that add value to this field of work. My greatest personal motivator is happiness, and I am very happy to work in the C++ software development sector.


What do you think are the most important skills needed to excel in your field and how have you developed them?

Being a good C++ developer requires patience, attention and hard work. Having the necessary education in software development as well as valuable working experience are some of the factors that will make you stand out in this field. I graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and attend prestigious software development training, conferences, talks and community meetings, all of which contribute to having the most current knowledge and tools for the industry. Additionally, I have been lucky to work in different areas of technology such as networks, mobile, industrial, web and edge/cloud programming within renowned companies over my career.

How do you connect and bond with your team in Malta?

Fortunately, I have the privilege of collaborating and communicating seamlessly with my colleagues in Malta and around the world. This is made possible by the exceptional DevOps team at Arringo, who have provided us with efficient, dependable, and user-friendly tools. My colleagues at Arringo are strong communicators, confident and very helpful. I really like that we are also able to have conversations about other topics in addition to technical matters. I think this open communication provides the foundation of our trust in one another and our ability to truly help each other.

Remote work sometimes blurs the line between work and personal life. How do you maintain work/life balance?

Work/life balance is an important topic especially if you are working remotely. We have a well-planned working schedule within the department. This allows me to work flexible hours while coordinating with my managers, making daily activities easier to navigate. This flexibility is beneficial because I am also a father who loves spending time with his son doing anything together like watching football matches, going to the cinema, bowling, trekking and more. 

An interesting fact about yourself?

I really like to chat with different people, and this has brought me many opportunities. About 4 years ago, while at a previous company, I met a colleague who specialized in different technologies than me. While talking about new technologies and daily things, we realized that combining our skills could result in advancing the edge development sector. With the help of a professor, we turned this work into an article and submitted it to the IEEE Edge Conference (Conference on Edge Computing and Communications) where it was accepted. We had the opportunity to present our work to hundreds of listeners at the IEEE Edge Conference in Milano in 2019. It was an unforgettable achievement and experience for me.


Thank you Fatih for taking the time to share your thoughts and knowledge with us, we are proud to have you as a member of Team Arringo.

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