When Hard Work Pays Off – Interview with Payments Elite Agent Daniel Cassar

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In less than 2 years, Daniel has worked his way up to Elite Agent thanks to his diligent and devoted attitude at work. Even though working in shifts can be difficult, he does his best to make it exciting not just for himself but for his whole team.  

In this interview, he shares his insight on his own development as well as his views on our company’s work environment. 

When did you join Arringo? 

I heard about Arringo back in March 2021 from a good friend of mine that referred me here. At the time, I was working with a telecommunication company as a call centre representative. 

What does your journey at Arringo look like so far? 

My journey at Arringo has been a very good one, while working here I have always felt recognized and valued. Thanks to my colleagues, trainers, and managers I feel that I have developed valuable skills that I gained from my general support and payments role which will help me become a better and more responsible employee in the future. 

You’ve recently been promoted to the Elite Agent position. What is the next challenge you are looking forward to tackling within your new role? 

My main focus at the moment is assisting my managers in making our department better than it already is by improving and helping with team communication, providing feedback regarding our procedures, and giving clarity to grey areas. 

Which was the turning point of your career? And how did this influence you? 

Moving to payments was definitely my turning point whilst working with Arringo. I found a balanced team that I could learn from and work with on a daily basis.  

What do you like most about working at Arringo? 

The people, of course, everyone was extremely welcoming at the start and very helpful throughout my whole career to the point where I can say that I spend most of my free time with my colleagues. 

What are you passionate about outside of work? 

In my free time, you’ll find me with a couple of friends and colleagues enjoying myself at a bar or somewhere surrounded by nature – as long as socializing is involved!  

We love to see our employees succeed and find the right path for them. To follow in Daniel’s footsteps, check out our job opportunities here and apply today!  

11th November 2022
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