Empathy is a key factor in Customer Support – Interview with Elite Agent Brandon Depasquale

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Brandon is an integral part of our Customer Support Team. He has proven his ability to lead by example and is always ready to listen and advise his colleagues when they need a helping hand. We sat down and chatted to Brandon about his experience working at Arringo: 

When did you join Arringo?  

I joined Arringo back in June 2019. I had heard about the job opportunity through a friend that used to work in recruitment that brought the position to my attention. 

How has your journey at Arringo been so far? 

It has been a pleasure working at Arringo, and seeing the company change and grow into what it is now. Throughout my employment at Arringo, I have worked in 2 departments as a General Support agent, and have since been working as an Elite Agent. 

What do you enjoy the most about your current position? 

As an Elite Agent, I really enjoy that I get to help the team during shifts with any queries that they have, along with training new agents. 

You’ve been working in customer support for more than 3 years at Arringo, what are the 3 most important things needed to deliver the best customer service experience? 

It is important when working in customer support, to put yourself in the client’s position, as this gives you the ability to empathize with the clients. Time management is also important, as managing the workflow correctly will allow you to be more efficient in your work. When speaking with clients on the phone, it helps to smile, even if the client can’t see you, as this will immediately improve your tone and make you sound friendlier. 

What do you like most about working at Arringo? 

For me, the people who work with us at Arringo really make the job. I have met some amazing people during my time working here. I also appreciate the opportunities that the company provides which help you grow in your career and also as an individual. 

9th August 2022
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