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Mark has been at Arringo for nearly 2 years and his journey has been full of perks thanks to his dedication and hard work. In this period of time, he has grown tremendously from a professional and personal perspective. We sat down together and talked about how he discovered his true worth at Arringo. 

When did you join Arringo, and how did you learn about the vacancy?   

I joined Arringo in August 2020 and was introduced to this amazing company through a great friend of mine who was a brilliant CS agent. 

How do you describe the work environment at Arringo?   

The day-to-day work at Arringo is always a surprise, it is never a boring day, the friendly faces along with the smiles make anyone’s dull day brighter. 

How has your experience been in terms of professional growth at Arringo?   

I started as a KYC agent and after 6 months, the Team leader of payments approached me to be a part of the payments department, after 1 year as a payment specialist I recently landed the amazing role of shift leader. This shows that there are always great opportunities for everyone to show their worth and thrive. 

How do you feel in your new position?   

I feel I can finally show my true potential to the company, as a shift leader I can help all agents alike and be there for everyone. 

What do you like most about your team?   

The team I have just come to be a part of is fantastic in all their unique ways. They are so eager to help and be there when you need them most. I couldn’t have joined a better and friendlier team. 

What advice would you give to other team members who want to grow within the company? 

Never give up and feel you may never grow; hard work and commitment are being noticed even on the days you feel like no one is there. They notice all your efforts and if you keep striving you will prosper. You are given an experience to learn new things and how to handle different scenarios on a daily basis, this is great for your personal growth in and outside of the corporate lifestyle. 

What do you like most about working at Arringo?  

No matter the day or night, Arringo will make you feel so welcomed and at ease. There is a great selection of people that want the best for you to grow and show your true colours. From the handymen & cleaners all the way up to top management, they are amazing and only want the best for you. 

8th July 2022
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