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Josef is having a remarkable journey at Arringo. Only 8 months after joining our General Support Department, he has been promoted to Trading Analyst. He always strives to make the most of his opportunities. He uses every tool available to further his career and gain invaluable workplace experience. 

When did you join Arringo, and how did you learn about the vacancy?     

I joined Arringo on the 13th of September 2021, and I heard about the vacancy through people who work at Arringo, who I knew from previous work experiences.  

How do you describe the work environment at Arringo?   

What I really like about the work environment at Arringo is that people are very welcoming and willing to help. There is also a healthy balance between leisure and work.

How your experience has been in terms of professional growth at Arringo?

Arringo has helped me and still greatly contributes to accelerating the learning curve in the customer service-oriented sector. This helped me link my previous skills together with the ones I’m gaining, so I can continue developing my overall knowledge and specific practical abilities.

How do you feel in your new position, what is it like?

I feel that Arringo has also given me the opportunity to express my observational and analytical skills. My new role as trading analyst allows me to combine the scientific and emotional sides of trading in a way that helps me fully understand the client’s needs and queries and eventually, provide the most desirable customer service possible.  

What do you like most about your team?  

 What I like most about our team is that the individuals are highly responsible, self-driven, and always willing to listen to understand and not listen to reply.  

What advice would you give to other team members who would like to grow within the company?

The advice I would give to anyone is to give their best at work and be open to learning from the experience of your team leaders. This is key and the way forward. Determination and striving to have a balance between commitment and willingness to learn, pave the way toward career development. 

What do you like most about working at Arringo? 

What I like most about working at Arringo is that the assigned tasks are structured and well-defined. This makes clear what the management is expecting from our activities and we know our targets and objectives. I also like the fact that I’ve been allowed to be creative enough and provided with opportunities to grow within the company. 

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30th June 2022
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