Katia has grown infinitely since joining the company. She is always ready for a challenge and loves to help those around her realise their potential. We sat down together and picked her brain about working at Arringo.

When did you join Arringo, and how did you learn about the vacancy?

I joined Arringo around a year ago, and I learned about the job from a few friends of mine who were working within the company already.

What does Arringo mean to you?

Arringo to me represents a young, fresh perspective on how business solutions should be. It depicts a family-oriented office environment, with everyone having the company’s best interest at heart. Arringo represents dedicated and forward-thinking people.

How is your work-life balance, being an artist and working at Arringo?

My work-life balance is pretty good, especially due to the fact that I have always been understood and cheered on whenever I have commitments with my band, Oxygyn. At times, things can get hectic, however, having Arringo’s support in this puts my mind at rest that I would be able to put my 100% in to everything that I do.

Tell us a bit about your passion for music, your band and where people can listen to your music?

My band and I got together back in 2015, and has been one of the greatest journeys in my life ever since. Experiencing this with my band has given me access to parts of myself I would have never explored before. My band and I are very much dedicated and in love with the art itself. Needless to say, we are invested in our growth with music and we are extremely passionate about this. People can listen to our music and all platforms, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube mainly. One would be able to search for ‘Oxygyn’ and all of our tracks would be accessible from there.

You’ve been promoted to a Shift Leader position. How do you feel in your new role? What does it mean to be a shift leader?

This was one of my greatest achievements since I joined the company. I feel very well-adjusted within the role and I believe that Arringo has given me the strongest roots and tools to be able to conduct this role in the best way possible. I feel very content and auspicious within the role. For me, being a shift leader is being able to maintain the company’s standards by portraying this to the agents, whilst also having a form of understanding towards them. Being able to listen and having effective communication is key.

What advice would you give to other team members who would like to grow within the company?

I would always advise to put yourself out there. Taking initiative opens a lot of doors within the company. One would need to respect and adhere to the company’s standards and procedures whilst also being able to be innovative and have good ideas. This is so the company would be able to progress further, together. 


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