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In the world of Arringo, where every day is an opportunity for growth and innovation, we often find that our greatest assets are the dedicated individuals who drive our company’s success. Today, we have the privilege of introducing you to our Learning & Development Team Leader, Neil Hamer, whose journey with Arringo embodies the spirit of continuous learning and professional development. 

In this interview, Neil shares his experiences and insights, shedding light on how the Learning & Development (L&D) department at Arringo has evolved and adapted to meet the needs of our dynamic workforce. He also discusses the pivotal role of technology in employee training and development, and how the introduction of the Arringo Learning Hub has transformed the learning landscape at Arringo. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, and your Arringo journey so far.  

In August 2019, my adventure with Arringo commenced. With a solid background in Customer Support and management, I joined the company as a General Support Representative. Over time, I steadily progressed and, in less than a year, I was honoured with the opportunity to become a Training Specialist. Afterwards, I transitioned into the position of General Support Team Leader. However, my true passion has always been nurturing and enhancing people’s skills, which led me back to my roots in Learning & Development. 

2. You started as a General Support Agent at the company. How did you evolve to become an L&D Team Leader? 

During my time as a General Support Representative, I consistently challenged myself to think creatively and went above and beyond to support my colleagues’ progress. Beginning at the agent level was a crucial foundation for my development within the company. From the outset, I had a clear ambition to advance, and I appreciate the generous opportunities given to me to thoroughly understand Arringo’s inner workings, in line with our core values.

3. How has Learning & Development (L&D) at Arringo evolved in the past 1 year? 

During its initial establishment, L&D primarily focused on fully onboarding General Support Representatives, providing refresher courses and training modules related to this field. However, as of January 2023, Learning & Development (as part of the Arringo HR team) has evolved to the training and development needs of all departments within Arringo. Our primary goal is to support the continuous growth and progress of our employees, fostering the enhancement of skills, knowledge, and capabilities across all levels of the organization. 

4. How has the role of technology influenced L&D’s approach to employee training and development?  

At Arringo, technology and innovation have always played a central role in our operations. As we strive to build a culture of continuous learning, we embarked on a mission to explore the implementation of an online Learning Management System (LMS). In June, we proudly introduced the Arringo Learning Hub (powered by Learnster). This dynamic platform is user-friendly and all-encompassing, facilitating easy access to course materials and interactive learning resources. With its strong capabilities and intuitive interface, our employees will now enjoy enhanced flexibility, personalized learning experiences, and increased opportunities for collaboration. 

5. What was the motivation behind developing the Arringo Learning Hub and how does it align with the company’s values? 

At the heart of our commitment to nurturing a culture of learning lies the desire to stay curious and encourage continuous growth. With the Arringo Learning Hub platform, learning becomes accessible anytime, anywhere. Beyond accessibility, our paramount goal is to infuse learning with enjoyment and empower employees to forge their own unique paths within their Arringo journey.  

6. In what aspect do you see the biggest difference between the new and the previous training process? 

As in life, maturity in L&D has progressed in stages. With an ever-present focus on inspiring and developing individuals within Arringo, initially, L&D primarily catered to General Support. However, with the introduction of our Training Processes, we have expanded our reach to a broader audience. Our tailored training programmes are connected to the skillset of the organization, with the aim of enhancing the performance of each employee within Arringo.   

7. Looking ahead, what are the future plans for L&D and the Arringo Learning Hub?  

Our unwavering mission is to persist on the current trajectory of cultivating a culture of continuous learning while offering boundless support to all. At Arringo, the possibilities are limitless, and with the Arringo Learning Hub in place, we are able to allow all of our internal departments to make the most out of the LMS and tailor their own training needs. Our ambition is to further strengthen the connections that unite us and create a lasting impact on our journey together. 

8. What advice would you give to people who want to join L&D? 

One of Arringo’s fundamental core values is ‘Be Unique’. When aspiring to join L&D (HR Team), possessing the drive and passion for the role is paramount. Being a part of the L&D team guarantees the gratification of nurturing knowledge and growth among colleagues, making it a truly fulfilling experience. 

9. If you had 5 seconds to speak to the whole world, what would you say?  

I would simply quote William Blake; ‘To see a World in a Grain of Sand and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour.’ In translation, we are urged to find enchantment and awe in the ordinary aspects of life. This perspective encourages us to acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything, prompting contemplation of the boundless possibilities and enigmas of existence. It beckons us to embrace the beauty and profundity of life, appreciating its vast magnitude as well as its tiniest intricacies. 

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3rd November 2023
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