Successful CVs and tips on writing them, from Arringo

Your resume is an accumulation of the most relevant achievements in your career to date. As this is the first impression you will give a recruiter, it needs to show the best of your personality, qualifications, skills, and experience.

The following tips will help you create a CV that will help you stand out from other candidates:

1. Choose the right template

There are many websites and apps to create your CV on. Always go for the ones which represent your personality and occupation. Choose a nice and clean design, preferably of one page, and avoid colourful text and overly-creative fonts.

2. Double-check the spelling or grammar

These are common things in our social chats and emails, but they can be the difference between being accepted and being rejected for a position. Proofread your CV multiple times yourself and ask someone you trust to edit it as well. Your CV needs to be grammatically correct to stand out in any competitive job markets.

3. Keep your information and contact details up to date

Your resume could be very interesting and attractive but if your email, mobile number, website, or social media details are not updated, the company will not be able to reach you and all your efforts in trying to land a job will be gone to waste.

4. Focus it on your achievements

Listing your previous jobs and tasks is a tendency however showing the successful results of your responsibilities in previous companies is what will leave a lasting impression on recruiters and clearly establish what you are capable of.

5. Always be sincere

Honesty is a value that is not negotiable in the recruitment process. Fake work experience, qualifications, and references can be easily identified and will result in the immediate dismissal of your application, not to mention, potentially ruin your reputation with future companies.

6. Tailor your CV to a specific role

A generic CV could reach a large number of employers but it might be less relevant if it doesn’t have a description, keywords, and the skills required for the specific role you are applying for.

7. Use an appropriate email address

Some people are still using the same email address they created years ago during school; however, a professional email address can also be a big mistake and derail your application. Keep it simple, professional and easy to remember in order to find the balance between the two.

Now that you have the best tips to create your CV, do not forget to check out the vacancies we have at Arringo. Check our careers page and let us know a bit more about you!