The Learning & Development Department ensures the quality of all the departments and supports the employees’ career development at Arringo.

Neil has an amazing career story at Arringo. He joined the company in August 2019 as Customer Support Agent and today, almost 3 years later, he is the team leader of our Learning & Development Department.

His team and himself have one of the most important missions in our company which are onboarding and training the new staff members. They welcome and guide them through the learning process, ensure quality assurance and career development.

In this interview, he shared the vision of his department and how important it is for the company’s organizational culture, work environment and employee satisfaction.

What is the history of the Learning and Development department?

Learning and Development came to be back in the summer of 2020. The previous Team Leader, Timara had the vision of combining two separate departments into one (those being Training and Auditing). And thus, Learning and Development was born.

What are the main objectives of the Learning and Development Department?

The main 2 objectives are Quality Assurance and Career Development. The department currently consists of 7 auditors and 3 trainers. The auditors’ and trainers’ roles are to ensure that the quality of all the departments within Arringo are maintained at the highest possible standard, whilst also being the source of support for the employees’ career development. This is achieved through a constant flow of feedback and training modules.

What is provided to new employees during the onboarding at Arringo?

During the onboarding and induction stage, we ensure that the new employees have access to all the relevant systems and company procedures. Training is always tailored depending on which department the new employees are assigned to. During onboarding training, employees are delivered all of the essential knowledge and hands-on practice. Special attention is also given to the feedback delivered during this period, as it is most crucial within the early stages.

Why do you think continuous feedback provided to the employees by the Learning and Development department is important?

Since Arringo is an ever-expanding company, naturally, procedures and policies are constantly evolving. The department’s main aim is to ensure that the quality and the standard of the employees’ progression is in line with these changes. Through the feedback that is constantly given, we are also able to maintain employee career progression, in order for everyone to reach their full potential.

What do you take pride in your department?

Trainers and Auditors are constantly working together by being highly adaptable to any changes, whilst also striking a balance between maintaining Arringo and its employees’ best interests at heart. As a team, we are proud to lead by example, by embodying Arringo’s values.

What do you love about your team?

When I think about my team, 3 main aspects come to mind: their positive energy, their creativity and the passion that each of them has for their craft. Each member of the team has an unwavering drive and eye for detail. I am truly proud of each one of them. My role wouldn’t be what it is without the support of my team!

What has been the most important learning at Arringo so far?

Our main value at Arringo is “Quality over Quantity” in everything that we do. That statement is true to form and it is complemented by team unity.