Impressive LinkedIn Profile and tips on setting it up, from Arringo

LinkedIn is currently the most powerful social media network worldwide for professional branding. With more than 700 million users and 50 million companies in 200 countries, it is not a surprise that this is the most recommended place for networking and job searching purposes.

Even if you are not a big fan of social media, LinkedIn is a must when building an image in the job market. If your career, qualifications, and skills are not showcased there, you will definitely miss out on excellent and possibly international opportunities to further your career.
If you have an existing profile or are about to create one, the following steps will assist you in fully utilizing what the platform has to offer, ensuring you stand out amongst your industry peers. Don’t forget to follow Arringo on LinkedIn to stay updated on our vacancies.

1. Choose an appropriate profile and background photo

Don’t panic, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie! However, your outfit does need to be a good reflection of your current job role or at least fit the position you are applying for. Always choose the option with the best quality, lighting, and facial expression. Kindness and charisma are often much more appreciated than we realize. Your background photo could be a stock image related to your profession or simply a minimal and clean illustration.

2. Use more keywords instead of buzzwords in your headline and summary

There are a thousand profile descriptions with terms like ‘expert’, ‘experienced’ and ‘creative’, however, if you really want to catch their attention and be the first on the LinkedIn search results, you need to focus on those words that define you and make you special within your industry.

3. Get more connections: find your classmates, co-workers, and friends.

Similar to many other social networks, your visibility and credibility depends on the number of people following you and interacting with you. Search for connections, engage on posts and share content. You could start by inviting your close friends, colleagues, and even those who supervised or managed you.

4. Highlight your most relevant skills and request endorsements

Your skills will provide credibility to your profile description and give other users the ability to endorse you. Try to be very precise on the skills that define your career and experience. Take your time in order to be as accurate as possible, they need to align with the role or job you are after.

5. Give to and request recommendations from your co-workers and supervisors

Recommendations on LinkedIn are the equivalent to work references on a traditional CV. These will help to solidify your profile and give recruiters a strong representation of yourself. Start by giving recommendations to your connections and try asking your closest circle of colleagues to review you as well.

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