Support – The Arringo Way

In General Support, time is spent interacting with customers of financial clients in order to answer questions, resolve support issues and establish credibility. Essentially the department works efficiently together on the front line to provide excellent customer service for customers. We stride towards providing the best possible journey for customers and we value their feedback, contribution and loyalty to us. 

Our channels of support are offered across live chat, phone calls and emails. At Arringo we always encourage live chat as it allows us to utilise a wide variety of help tools, such as screenshots, step by step guides and FAQ links.  Live chat leads to faster problem resolution and can be at the ultimate convenience of our customers.  

For Arringo, Live Chat has proven to be the most successful way of communicating with customers, as they can reach us quickly and conveniently at any time of day. Immediate responses are the main reason why we sell our live chat as the best solution, as customers are provided with efficient response times and empathetic agents who are solution orientated.

In addition to live chat, the support team provides a call back service that is flexible to the needs of our customers. Customers can request that they receive a call at their chosen preferred time and input their query details on an easy to navigate form. This means that our support team is pre-prepared for the call and are therefore ahead of the game in offering customers the most effective resolution.